Frázová slovesa

Frázová slovesa


Procvičení frázových sloves

Procvičení sloves je dostupné po přihlášení.

Frázové slovesoVětaČlánek

back outBACK OUTIf you back out from our contract, you will have to pay money to the firm.Frázové sloveso v textu

be aboveBE ABOVEYou should be above all anger.Frázové sloveso v textu

be on top of the worldBE ON TOP OF THE WORLDI am on top of the world. I feel so great!Frázové sloveso v textu

beat about the bushBEAT ABOUT THE BUSHDon't beat about the bush, come straight to the point.Frázové sloveso v textu

blow upBLOW UPThe soldiers blew up the house.Frázové sloveso v textu

boss aroundBOSS AROUNDHe is just bossing everybody around. Nobody likes him.Frázové sloveso v textu

break upBREAK UPJohn and Alice broke up last month.Frázové sloveso v textu

bring upBRING UPI was brought up to respect the law.Frázové sloveso v textu

brush upBRUSH UPI should brush up my French before I go to Paris.Frázové sloveso v textu

call offCALL OFFThe workers have called off the strikeFrázové sloveso v textu

calm downCALM DOWNCalm down, there's nothing to worry about.Frázové sloveso v textu

catch onCATCH ONI don't think this new fashion will catch on. It looks too strange!Frázové sloveso v textu

cheat onCHEAT ONShe has been cheating on me while I've been away.Frázové sloveso v textu

come acrossCOME ACROSSI came across this book under your bed.Frázové sloveso v textu

come trueCOME TRUEMy dream has come true.Frázové sloveso v textu

come upCOME UPI'm sorry. Something has come up. I have to cancel our meeting.Frázové sloveso v textu

count downCOUNT DOWNThe spaceship is already being counted down.Frázové sloveso v textu

count onCOUNT ONYou can always count on Bob, he will never fail you.Frázové sloveso v textu

cover upCOVER UPAre the governments of the world covering up the truth about UFOs?Frázové sloveso v textu

cut acrossCUT ACROSSI got here early by cutting across the field.Frázové sloveso v textu

cut downCUT DOWNThe factory's production has been cut down.Frázové sloveso v textu

die hardDIE HARDEnergy crisis shows that old habits die hard.Frázové sloveso v textu

do away withDO AWAY WITHOur company has decided to do away with the old machinery.Frázové sloveso v textu

do withoutDO WITHOUTThe director cannot do without a secretary.Frázové sloveso v textu

doll upDOLL UPJane dolled herself up for the party.Frázové sloveso v textu

doze offDOZE OFFDid our boss notice that I dozed off in the middle of his speech?Frázové sloveso v textu

drift apartDRIFT APARTAfter twelve years of marriage, the two people began to drift apart.Frázové sloveso v textu

fall behindFALL BEHINDYour work has fallen behind that of the other students!!!Frázové sloveso v textu

feel blueFEEL BLUEI often feel blue when it rains.Frázové sloveso v textu

get acrossGET ACROSSDid you get your message across?Frázové sloveso v textu

get around toGET AROUND TOI should be able to get around to that job next week.Frázové sloveso v textu

get carried awayGET CARRIED AWAYShe got carried away while watching a soap opera.Frázové sloveso v textu

get evenGET EVENI'd like to get even with the man who damaged my car.Frázové sloveso v textu

get rid ofGET RID OFI don't know how to get rid of door-to-door missionaries.Frázové sloveso v textu

give awayGIVE AWAYDon't give away the ending of the story, it will spoil it.Frázové sloveso v textu

go againstGO AGAINSTYou should never go against your clientFrázové sloveso v textu

go forGO FORGo for it before it's too late!Frázové sloveso v textu

hang aroundHANG AROUNDDon't hang around; we have a train to catch.Frázové sloveso v textu

hang upHANG UPDon't hang up! I haven't finished talking to you.Frázové sloveso v textu

hide outHIDE OUTYou'd better hide out here until the police have stopped trying to catch you.Frázové sloveso v textu

hold againstHOLD AGAINSTWhat do you actually hold against him?Frázové sloveso v textu

hook upHOOK UPAngelina and Brad hooked up in Morocco.Frázové sloveso v textu

hound outHOUND OUTWhen his employers learned about his past, they hounded him out.Frázové sloveso v textu

kick offKICK OFFThe theatre company will kick off the season with a production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.Frázové sloveso v textu

kick outKICK OUTIf the new actor is not good, kick him out.Frázové sloveso v textu

kiss up toKISS UP TOYou should think of some ways to kiss up to your boss.Frázové sloveso v textu

leave outLEAVE OUTThe organizer has left Bobby out of the team.Frázové sloveso v textu

let downLET DOWNI was depending on him but he let me down.Frázové sloveso v textu

let outLET OUTMary had accidentally let out that her mother telephoned.Frázové sloveso v textu

look down onLOOK DOWN ONWomen have grown tired of being looked down on by employers.Frázové sloveso v textu

look intoLOOK INTOThe police are looking into the disappearance of your teacher.Frázové sloveso v textu

look up toLOOK UP TOEvery child needs someone to look up to.Frázové sloveso v textu

mix upMIX UPMy papers are all mixed up.Frázové sloveso v textu

pass awayPASS AWAYI'm sorry to hear that your uncle passed away last week.Frázové sloveso v textu

pin onPIN ONWhy did they pin the blame on me? I did not do it!Frázové sloveso v textu

pull togetherPULL TOGETHERWe must all pull together if we want to win.Frázové sloveso v textu

put in a nutshellPUT IN A NUTSHELLPut in a nutshell, you've made a terrible mistake.Frázové sloveso v textu

put offPUT OFFNever put off till tomorrow what you can do today.Frázové sloveso v textu

rake upRAKE UPLina doesn't want to rake up her past.Frázové sloveso v textu

run afterRUN AFTERAll the boys are running after the sexy new student.Frázové sloveso v textu

run forRUN FORMr.Smith announces plan to run for senator in N.Y. next yearFrázové sloveso v textu

see offSEE OFFAll the parents were at the station, seeing their children off to school.Frázové sloveso v textu

set offSET OFFJohn set off for work an hour ago. Hasn't he arrived yet?Frázové sloveso v textu

show offSHOW OFFHe visited us just to show off his new car.Frázové sloveso v textu

slave awaySLAVE AWAYBy slaving away for two hours, I at last got the carpet clean.Frázové sloveso v textu

stop overSTOP OVERWe need two days for the journey, stopping over at a small town on the way.Frázové sloveso v textu

take afterTAKE AFTERThe boy takes after his mother. He has the same red hair and big blue eyes.Frázové sloveso v textu

take offTAKE OFFWatch that bird taking off from the branch!Frázové sloveso v textu

take upTAKE UPThat big clock takes up too much space in the small hall. It will have to go.Frázové sloveso v textu

talk backTALK BACKDon't talk back to your mother when she is giving you advice.Frázové sloveso v textu

tell apartTELL APARTJim and Jack are so much alike that their own mother can hardly tell them apart.Frázové sloveso v textu

track downTRACK DOWNThe doctors were able to track down the cause of the infection.Frázové sloveso v textu

turn intoTURN INTOThe city is turning into a meeting place for criminals.Frázové sloveso v textu

turn upside downTURN UPSIDE DOWNThey turned the whole room upside down, but they didn't find the key.Frázové sloveso v textu

warm upWARM UPLet's sing a few exercises first to warm up.Frázové sloveso v textu

wipe outWIPE OUTThese tropical diseases can wipe out the populations of whole villages.Frázové sloveso v textu

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