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Tvoření slov

Moje EUO

Přidání do sekce Moje EUO je dostupné pouze pro přihlášené uživatele.

Suffixes (1)

Use the words in brackets to form adjectives, nouns or verbs with the help of suffixation.
  1. “Pippy Dippy” is our daughter's (imagine) friend.
  2. Children at that age are developing (create) thinking.
  3. I simply can't take anymore of his (child) behavior! Why does he always behave like that? This is really (hope)!
  4. The WHO says about 200 million people around the world are (asthma).
  5. When applying for (replace) plates and/or tabs, please indicate the number of plate(s) you wish to have replaced.
  6. The only possible way of now getting round the problem is to (false) the results.
  7. I need to be extra (care) now, since I'm being kept under close (supervise).
  8. During his (boy) John was a rather naughty child.
  9. Current research is focusing on ways to (length) the distances one can travel when using (alternate) fuel vehicles.
  10. Because of the number of project requests we get, we need to really (priority) our projects so that those which are most (critic) and (benefit) are given attention before others.

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