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Moje EUO

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Adjective suffixes (1)

Use the words in brackets to form adjectives. Use the following suffixes:
-ful, -less, -y, -ly, -ish
  1. Don't be so (self) and give some chocolate to others!
  2. Why is he always so (child)? He should know better at his age!
  3. This database is absolutely (use)! You can't get any relevant data out of it.
  4. It's not a (week) magazine. It's a (month) one.
  5. The soup was too (salt)!
  6. Jack is (friend) guy. You will like him.
  7. It has been (wind) all day.
  8. She's very tired. She's had three (sleep) nights in a row.
  9. Everybody needs to be very (care). It's a very dangerous track.
  10. Is this operation really so (pain)?

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