Business English / Advanced C1-C2

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Business etiquette – Practice 2

Moje EUO
Chose the best word or phrase from the choices.


Subject: Florida Hotel Industry Conference


Dear Bill:


As you know, the next Florida Hotel Industry Conference will be held at the new Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida. Because the conference is in close proximity to our home offices, John Jones and I would like to  our services as unofficial to . We would be to help out with any guidance or information about restaurants or places of interest.

We look forward to this to discuss Florida Hotel Industry matters, or just to chat. It would be nice if it were possible to visit with you on a more regular basis, but it seems as if time, geography and the inevitable pressing concerns always seem to get in the way. So we want to take of having the conference in our backyard to spend extra and  on of  interest. Make sure to find us in booth #605 at the trade show.


Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you!


All the best,

George Matthews

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