Jazyková studovna / Středně pokročilí B1-B2

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Cvičný test 1

Moje EUO
I. Vyberte správný výraz.
  1. It's typical her.
  2. He is alleged the money.
  3. The film is definitely worth .
  4. I'll send you a message when I there.
  5. She'll manage that. She's used of herself.
  6. You can find it in Section 5.
  7. It's time she us the truth.
  8. I wish I her. She wouldn't have made such a mistake.
  9. He was transferred to another department without about it.
  10. Peter suggests to the cinema.
  11. Your request at the moment. Please wait.
  12. I him about it last week. Now it's too late.
  13. They attend the meeting. It was not compulsory.
  14. I thought you said you at six.
  15. The plane at 5:20 am.
II. Doplňte chybějící slova.
  1. Please can you take me to station?
  2. He came back we were having a row.
  3. You mustn't do that. It's strictly .
  4. Jack to smoke a lot when he was younger. Now he smokes only occasionally.
  5. What would you do if he tell you the truth?
  6. That's ok. Take your time. I don't waiting.
  7. The issue is discussed in the parliament.
  8. Tom's not that bright, he?
  9. The woman son got lost was crying.
  10. Tom has known Sarah a long time.
  11. Can you imagine for another company?
  12. James is not intelligent as Bob.
  13. Where did you buy the shoes? I can't get them .
  14. How long have you thinking about it?
  15. I've been playing squash 1999.

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